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Chicharrones de pollo con limón (Dominican Republic) 7

Chicken which has been marinated in dark rum and lime and dusted with berbere

Plátanos maduros or Tostones con salsa de habichuelas (Cuba) 5

Sweet, ripe plantains or sliced green plantains (depending on availability) with spicy bean sauce (v)

Empanadas del dia (Chile) 7

Traditional pastries stuffed with our daily selection on top of tomatillo salsa

Ceviche de camarones con ají y camote (Perú) 9

Marinated shrimp on a bed of arugula with chilies and sweet potatoes

Papitas rellenas con salsa de pimentón (Perú) 6

Yuca and potato pillows filled with seasoned beef on top of Alma sauce

Yuca frita con salsitas de Alma (Dominican Republic) 5

Crispy yuca served with ají and cilantro/jalapeño sauces (v)

Conchitas a la parmesana (Perú) 9

Broiled scallops on the shell topped with parmesan and fresh lime juice

Sopas y Ensaladas

Sopa del dia 5

Soup of the day

Ensalada de pepino con tomate, aceitunas y pan (Alma) 6

Bread, cucumbers, queso fresco, tomatoes, olives and a dash of cilantro tossed in our house-made lime-oregano dressing

Ensalada sencilla con mango y rucula (Alma) 7

Arugula, ripe mango, almonds, and red onions served with our house-made lime-oregano dressing (v)

Carnes/Platos de Cena

Chuletas de puerco con pina y batata (Cuba) 17

Grilled pork tenderloin topped with cilantro and jalapeño, accompanied with grilled pineapple and sweet potato puree

Rabo de buey con papas fritas caseras (Puerto Rico) 18

Braised oxtail with hand-cut fried potatoes and collard greens

Bife steak chimichurri con gallo pinto (Argentina) 22

* Grilled marinated flank steak topped with chimichurri and served with black beans and rice

Vaca frita con arroz y gandules (Cuba/Puerto Rico) 17

Slow-roasted beef brisket with rice, sofrito and pigeon peas

Seco de pollo (Peru) 15

Braised chicken in an ají and cilantro sauce served with rice

Camarones al caribe con ajo (Cuba) 21

Pan-seared shrimp in a house-made lime and garlic sauce served over rice and topped with grilled asparagus

Pescado del dia

Market fresh fish of the day

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


All sandwiches are served with yuca fries. Substitute seasonal vegetables for a healthier option.

Sándwich Cubano con chancho queso y jamón (Cuba) 12

Toasted Cuban sandwich on traditional artisan bread with slow-roasted pork, ham and Jarlsberg cheese

Sándwich de carne asada con sofrito y camote (Ecuador) 11

Slow-cooked beef sandwich topped with sofrito and sweet potato

Sándwich de pollo chiludo con aguacate (El Salvador) 11

Pulled chicken sandwich topped with avocado and sarsa

Vegetales/Platos de Cena

Plato vegetariano con quinua y ensalada de choclo (Alma) 13

Vegetarian plate with quinoa, assorted fresh vegetables, corn, and chayote (v)

Arepa de vegetales con plátanos maduros (Colombia) 11

Fresh beets, avocado, cabbage and cilantro on an unleavened Colombian corn pastry with plantains and seasonal vegetables (v)

Torrejitas de frijolitos (Alma) 13

Pan-seared black bean patty topped with cilantro-lime cream sauce and served with collard greens, black-eyed pea fritters, plantains, and seasonal vegetables

Vegetales al tagine (Morocco) 13

Apricot and date rice with assorted fresh vegetables, tagine sauce, and collard greens (v)



Refreshing limeade made from hand-squeezed limes 3

Agua Fresca

Traditional Latin American fresh fruit beverage (changes daily) 3

Te Helado

Freshly brewed iced tea 1.75


Brewed from La Prima's special blend 2.5


Espresso with a 2% steamed milk froth 3.5


La Prima coffee brewed from a blend of South American and African beans 2.5


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper 1.75



Flan de coco con caramelo (Colombia)  6

Coconut custard with caramel

Pastel de tres leches con fresas en dulce (Honduras)  7

Traditional three milk cake with berries

Biscochito de chocolate con dulce de leche y helado de canela (Alma)  7

Warm chocolate cake with a sweet center, topped with cinnamon ice cream

Sorbete de fruta fresca (Alma)  5

Fresh fruit sorbet (v)